Thursday, December 6, 2012

DRUM ROLL Please!!

Finally I think I have narrowed it down. A curriculum that works for my child. After trying many wonderful curriculum and website on the market. I finally have found what at least at the moment is working for Alyssa. Math- we are using AHa Math at It is very visual and interactive with instructional videos, lessons, games, journal writing on what they learned, quizzes, and even worksheets you can print out. At $15 a year it is a steal. Great for my visual learner. We will also add in math worksheets from my numerous files saved or websites when the extra work is needed to master the concept. Science- The simplehomeschool interactive lessons plus printouts. This is a unit study bases science curriculum and again very visual. So far we are loving it. Cost me $36 on the black Friday sale but normal price will run you around $76 a yr. We will also add in the numerous website resource simpleschooling has listed with each unit study. History- we are mainly using the resources of which Ga. homeschool families get access to free of charge through GPS. Once a month we will also be doing a Unit study on famous people, places, and events in History using numerous unit studies and websites I have collected. Grammar- Workbook wise we will be using Growing with Grammar $38 a yr for everything, worksheets off sites like Video wise we will 4 days a week work with the free video lesson off you can set up a free account and it is aligned with common core standards. Again it is visual which in my daughters case is highly important. Spelling- We will be using Soaring with Spelling and Voc $ about 20 a yr for all workbooks including teacher book. Plus we will continue with our rainbow spelling words and or dancing spelling words. Writing- We will be using Winning with Writing $ 28 a yr for everything. We will also be introducing typing skills next yr. She will continue with journal writing 3 times a week. Reading- we are using numerous books we have and ones at the library. We have a sit down circle talk time where we discus the books, plot, setting, characters ect. She will continue with her daily a-z readers this cost about $50 a yr but you can find it on sale from time to time. These are small maybe 10-20 minute readers you can printout and make a book out of. They have numerous ones from prek- 5th grade on all kinds of wonderful topics. She will also continue with book reports and or projects on the larger books she reads. Spanish- we will continue with our Hooked on Spanish program- This program runs about $99 off Amazon. We work with it 3 times a week. Extra activities- She will be involved in 4-H and an art class. Will take bi weekly field trips, and be allowed at least two hrs of free time to visit educational sites of her choice off a list off about 200 that I feel she would benefit from. Well there you have it the best plan I have come up with and one that as I said is working at least as off right now.

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