Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New year and that mid yr boost

It has been a while since I posted with the Holidays and a long mid year break for the kids and me. Well we are back in the swing of things and we have the finish line in site. Having a visual learner definitely has it's challenges. We realized around the end of Nov. our math curriculum was just not working for us. Since then we have looked at and even tried out a few different programs. I really liked what other homeschool families had to say about teaching textbooks but the price and lack there of color held me back. Instead we went with Aha math the price was great it was very visual but the down side was the set up and the issue that you have to figure out how to add lesson on your own. The website gives no how to's at all. Then we came across Kizmath. You can by it by the month, 3 month,6 month , or even the yr. It was visual but it was only games, worksheets , and quizzes. I need something that was visual but also walked my child through step by step with plenty of review. I had for over a yr been looking at the A+tutorsoft program but not sure if I would like it or not. One of the sales Reps is even a member of my facebook group for homeschool families. They had a sale and so I jumped on it. We had a little extra money at this time of year with taxes and all so why not. I can tell you out of all the math programs we have tried on our homeschool journey A+ has topped them all. Believe me we have tried many. Textbooks, Christian curriculum, Math mammoth, Time4learning, Aha Math, Kizmath you name. They each had some good points but never seemed the right fit. A+tutorsoft has completely worked and it has so much to offer. You get multimedia lessons that teach step by step and is very colorful and visual. It also has a review after each lesson. If you child gets a question wrong it will reteach the steps to that problem right then. You get access to textbook, workbook, exams, and progress report. They have even taken the time to load a lesson plan already made for you, just print it out and done. The lay out is extremely user friendly. They even have supplemental programs to help if your child is struggling in just one area not the entire grade level. Their customer service was awesome as well, kind, friendly, and fast. What more can a girl ask for. I feel like the clouds have parted and the sun is shinning bright in my little math world,lol. As of right now the program goes through algebra I but they will be adding all high school level math soon in the next yr or so. You can choose many options that fit your family income. By a 3 month online, a one yr online, or even cd or download software. Even if you don't need a visual program they have textbooks and workbooks you can buy as well. I look forward to using this program with my children for years to come.

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