Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wild at the Zoo Educational park from Kidquest Science Adventures

So a new member on my favebook group is starting up a business making curriculum and I am review his first product for him. I just printed out to look it over and this is what I think so far based on looks alone.... BTW his name is Jason Grooms and here is a link to his site. .... I will post my response to him on just looking it over below and I will give a better review once we actually complete the unit .....   

wow Jason so I went ahead and printed them out and I have to say I am very impressed. They are both set up very well and have a good bit of information but not so much that it feels overwhelming at all. I think it could easily be used for multiple grade levels. My 3rd grade daughter came in and said oh are we doing that tomorrow. I said sure are and she was super excited just by seeing the pictures alone( she is a huge animal lover) I love how the parent book gives you just the talking points you need to cover the material that makes my job a lot easier. Over all awesome job I will post again after we complete the unit study and I can't wait to see you create more of them.... Just so you all know this unit is on the zoo.
I have seen curriculum that are not even close to being presented as nicely as this is done. I love the photos great job there for sure. This seriously looks like something you would find off science a-z and a membership to their stuff is almost $100 a yr.    

After we had completed the before you go to the zoo part of the unit study..... So yesterday we completed the first half of the " Wild at the Zoo" educational pack and it was great. Not only did my 3rd grader learn a few things about animals and insects they we have not covered yet but my 3 yr old was able to really enjoy doing the unit with us. I printed out multiple copies so they could each have one. We learned different scientific names for different feeders. We learned a bit about classification of animals and we are very much looking forward to using the 2nd have on our trip next week to the Atlanta Zoo. Jason has made it very easy for me to turn the worksheets into a notebook that gives you multiple maps, and file pages to check off and fill in what you have learned about different animals. Again I printed off extra copies so we can have a page for each animal we see. I am so impressed with this unit study and looking forward to others he will make. I def. will be a long time customer.

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