Thursday, August 16, 2012

Downloads and all that wonderful stuff

I admit I am a download curriculum junkie. I have around 100 gigs of downloads everything from workbooks to games. Well if you too are a download junkie you will just die when I tell you what my hubby went an did last night. I was moving my files onto a flashdrive and one file was refusing to be moved. I asked if my teckie hubby would see what he could do. This one file was close to 4 gigs worth of curriculum.I kid you not 2 mins after sitting down at the computer he had some how lost the file. We searched every where . In every file on the computer you name it we search and nothing!!! As bad as I wanted to scream at him I didn't because I could tell he was already beating himself up over losing it. Lucky I was because most of the files were still either in my emails or my download history. I was able to re-download about 90% of the curriculum. It took me all day,lol. Yeah for the stressers that also come along with homeschooling.

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