Monday, August 13, 2012

Passport to India

We have a geography project coming up in Ovt. with our homeschool group. I asked the kids to vote on which country they wanted to enter into the Geography fair and India won. Alyssa of course being the girly girly started looking into their clothing. We even took a trip Friday to The Global Mall here in Atlanta to see first hand some of what can only be called art work. They amaze me just how detailed and beautiful their clothing is. All be it if you decide to buy any you better have a nice chunk of change. The cheapest one was $100. Douglas set off on the hunt for India food. We all know he will love that. So today while researching with the kiddos I came across a website(which is free BTW) called Passport to India. They will send each kid a passport and suitcase to help raise money for the cause of bringing the Christian scriptures to the India country. It is a really neat website with a video and a devotion for each day. If you are studing India it is a great stop on your journey. A few things we have learned about India so far are.... Child marriage is very common as is arranged marriages. 35% of school aged children are not enrolled in school. Illiteracy is passed down from generation to generation. Many children must work to support the family. Only 2% of Indians are Christian. 800 million practice Hinduism( belief in many gods) and 138 million are Muslim.The Indus Valley is one of the oldest civilizations. It is the 7th largest country. India has the 4th largest reserve of coal in the world.New Delhi is the capital.So far I have to say the art and colors have been my favorite to see. Tomorrow we are planning on watching the movie the story of India and really digging into the differences of the main religions . Should make for some interesting discussions with the   

I wanted to add a link to the website for Passport to India

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